Southwest Graphic Arts was formed in the early 1980’s by Robert Maxfield and Steve Ellington .  Over the years our work has been seen in a number newspapers and magazines but many of the photographs we have been releasing of late have been tucked away and stored in our archives.  The only examples of these works have been on the walls of our homes in some cases with ticket stubs, autographs, stories and memories of the times.  Our love of music and entertainment has taken us to places only some people could dream about. Our cameras have allowed us to photograph incredible events in history, meet amazing people and go to unimaginable places.  Now we are sharing many of the events we were fortunate enough to witness and tell the stories of our experiences.  BUT we are also looking forward to what the future brings.  We are available for future projects.  Album photographic art, portraits, concert photography, lectures and other shows give us a call.