So what to do with do with history?  A few years back my photography partner passed away suddenly.  That got me to wondering recently about his concert archives and where they went.  After his death, his family went into his apartment and cleaned everything and prepared a lot of things to be sold on EBay.  I never heard whatever happened I can only guess as to what transpired.  

In his living room, Steve had a poster print of one of his shots of Don Barnes of 38 Special.  38 Special was one of our favorite bands and we usually got as close to the band at the show as possible.  Most of those kind of things people would have no idea as to what they were and meant.  I know Steve and I had shot Simon and Garfunkel in the rain at the Cotton Bowl one year from the second row.   The whereabouts of those negatives are unknown.  I remember the two of us in the back alley behind Poor David’s Pub on Greenville Avenue one night talking with Janis Ian between sets.  The shot I took of her, it’s on the wall next to my kitchen, framed with the autograph she gave me in the corner of it. 

I think of all the shows we did together and separately and the history that was in those images amazes me.  We met and spoke with a number of really great people.  Not rock and roll but when you are able to have a conversation with Milton Berle or Leonard Nimoy I think I had been blessed.   

I think all I want is for the work I have done not to disappear and be lost.  I hope that the people that get to view them remember and enjoy it.  To the Bands and people that we took photographs of I want to say thank you and as well may your talents live on.

The future?  I am wanting to share my knowledge and abilities with others that have this same interest.  Any of the artist that I have photographed I would love to work with.  Anyone I haven’t photographed that has questions let me know.  I have heard of projects to teach the next generation of Concert Photographers I would love to be involved.  So please contact me if anyone has any questions.




And to Steve Ellington!  Keep poking it with a stick and rest well.