This may be hard to believe but I actually read the manual.  I frequently read the manuals of all the cameras I use.  Nikon even has a piece of software that downloads your manual and keeps a PDF on your IPad.  I usually have a copy of the manual in my bag or at least quick access via the web.  The more you know about your camera the better and the quicker you may get needed information the better.

Today using the manual may seem really old fashioned and no one wants to do it.  Plenty of people cannot understand the manual in the first place simply because the way they are written.  So what happens?  People resort to Youtube.  There are a lot of things Youtube is great for but like anything you need to be careful.  Not all the information presented is factual. 

I am very much a visual/kinesthetic  learning type person.  Many times I will live by the new adage “Just Google It”,  Like the Youtube videos it’s a good idea to take the information with a grain of salt.  Not everything you see is truth!

Just my opinion!

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