Coming Soon a Couple of the Comedy Shows We Shot!

There are a number of shows that do not fit the Music mold that we have photographed.  Sam Kinison live at the Dallas Arcadia!  Greenville Ave’s legendary Arcadia theater was the hot spot during the 1980’s for new wave, punk music and the kings of comedy! If you have never seen Sam Kinison go to Youtube and search for him!  AH AH AH you won’t be sorry!

One of the Best Memories from Shows Came from Steve and I Having a Conversation with Milton Berle and Henny Youngman at the Lowe's Anatole!

Sitting in the second row of a very small theater having a discussion with two of the greatest comedians of all time still leaves me mind boggled.  My guess there were less than 200 people at the show but these two guys performed as if they had just filled Madison Square Garden!  I do not think many people can say that many people can say they have actually joked with Milton Berle but we did!