The Cameras that Started It All!!

My first real concert was Blue Oyster Cult, Cheap Trick and Black Oak.  I had no clue as to what it was about and what was going to happen.  After that show I quickly learned to bring a camera to record the events.  These are the cameras that I had available to me at the time.  A cameras a camera right?  When you are 17 years old and know no better I guess so.  How quickly that changed.  The next show was Queen!  News of the World Tour at Tarrant County Convention Center.  Along that time I photographed Triumph at SMU and The first Texxas World Music Festival better known as the Texxas Jam!
On the left is a Kodak Hawkeye Instamatic II 126 Cartridge film camera dating back to around 1969.  It was a simple camera with a set f/stop and shutter speed.  The only way to adjust it was by loading it with different types of film.  Most commonly I used Kodak Ektachrome 64 slide film.  The Kodak camera also used flash cubes as it only source of flash.  The Keystone Everflash 10 was basically the same type camera as the Kodak except it had a built in electronic flash.  Both cameras considering , did capture some great moments in Rock history!

Queen News of the World Tour

We had seen Blue Oyster Cult the month before and thought the show was fantastic.  The next show was a show of legendary proportions.  Queen!  News of the World!  We will Rock You and We are the Champions were burning up the radio waves and we were on the second row for the show.  The band played classical music before the show and it got really boring.  The stage was shrouded in something that looked like a cross between  castle and circus tent.  All of a sudden the whole convention center went pitch black and high in the air was Freddie Mercury dressed in a black and white checked outfit. 

Texxas World Music Festival 1978

  • The Dallas weather was somewhere near 100 degrees or more mid day.  Up front for about the first 100 feet the stage crews were spraying the fans down with fire hoses and an estimated 150,000 screaming fans were in attendance.  We arrived on Friday night just after midnight and parked to the side of the roller coaster at the state fair grounds.  We were up almost all night and subjected to the concert day heat until early Sunday morning.  Early Saturday morning around 4am we made our way to the front steps of the Cotton Bowl and I got about an hour of light sleep.  At sunrise I woke up with hundreds of people starting to gather around the front gates and if I remember just after 8am they opened up.  I ended up on the front row against the big blue wall and the crews made us back off about 6 feet from the wall.  “Good Luck With That”.  It wasn’t long after Blackstone started playing we realized we couldn’t see anything at all and started the search for the best viewing areas!
  • 1978 (July 1) – Texxas Music Festival, Cotton Bowl, Dallas, Texas
  • Blackstone (Winner of the State-Wide “Battle of the Bands” for opening slot on the 1978 Texxas Jam)
  • Walter Egan
  • Van Halen
  • Eddie Money
  • Atlanta Rhythm Section
  • Head East
  • Journey
  • Heart
  • Ted Nugent
  • Aerosmith
  • Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush
  • Cheech & Chong
As the Morning went on to about noon.  Johnny Alvarez and I came to a brilliant conclusion.  We were hot and hungry with a limited amount of cash on hand.  We had left the keys to the car with Tim the night before and decided to go get the food we had packed in the cooler in the trunk.  I remember the announcer Chip Monck screaming at the people sitting on the dumpster to get off of them about that time.  We made our way to the car and it was gone!!!  So there we were no food, low on cash, and very very hot.  So what do you do???   Go back and party some more!

Triumph tours with the Godz

One night my friend Tim Lambkin and I were watching TV and a commercial came on.  There were explosions and lights and great sounding rock music.  It was an advertisement for a band named Triumph and they were playing at SMU the following night.  So Tim and I looked at each other and said what the hell and we ended up at SMU the next day.  I went up to the box office and asked for the best seat in the house.  The lady looked at me and said “is row G on the floor in the middle fine”.  I told that would be great and she said that will be “$6 please”.  The opening band I remember was the Godz and their big claim to fame was they were on Casablanca Records.   Most of the night I sat on the end of the stage literally.