Build an Inexpensive Photographic Background Frame

Building inexpensive small background stands is very easy. There are some people that the first thing they do is open up the photography store catalog or look online to find this kind of item and spend a lot of money buying them. With a little thought and creativity anyone can build background stands and at a fraction of the cost of buying them from a store.

For our background framework we use simple PVC pipe.  For tabletop frames we use 1/2 PVC normally cut to whatever length that is needed but we try to stay at a standard length.  Hardware or plumbing stores typically sell PVC in 6 or 8 foot lengths but places also carry pre-cut tubing in 2 foot sections.  4 foot sections may also be available.  Our normal frame for a dining room table is 2 foot wide by 2 foot tall and uses 6 inch rear feet and 12 inch front feet.


Backgound materials are a personal preference.  Some photographers use paper which is available at some camera stores or craft stores.  When we shoot table top items our background of choice is fabric.  Many times we will buy from a local fabric store whatever color suits our needs.  Fabric is a good choice because it is resistant to damage and may be thrown in a washing machine to be cleaned and reused.  Storage is also good and the background can be stored in a gallon zip lock bag,

As size increase so must the size of the tubing.  It is not unusual to have tubing frames as large as 6 foot tall by 5 foot wide.  Length of tubing does become an issue but there are several good duffle bags and storage mailing tubes to accommodate the framework.  Be creative!!!