Auto Racing and Motor Sports Part 1

There is nothing like the thrill of fast cars and pure speed.  Shooting auto racing can be a big challenge.  Most people buy their ticket sit in their seat and watch cars go round and round,  They wonder why they are unable to get great photographs at these events.  Read on for tips and tricks on how to photograph auto sports!

Photographing auto racing works best when things are planned out well in advance.  Sure good things may happen by chance but it is a lot better to rely on skill.

Doing your homework in advance!

Know the event and it’s location well in advance.  The more you know about the venue, the rules, weather, your gear and event schedule the better.  Be well prepared for everything.  A check list can be a great thing to have.  Make sure you have everything you need to have a great time.

The check list!

The best thing is to sit down with everything you know and put things together.  You really do not want to need a pack mule but leaving something at home that is very important is bad. Start with something like this. 1. Money, 2. Proper clothing 3. Sunscreen and pain reliever 4. Tickets 5. Course map 6. Event schedule etc. and check everything off one at a time.